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Lynx River is the fictional town depicted in the CBC series 'North of 60'. The set is actually located below the 60th parallel near Bragg Creek, Alberta. In the series, Lynx River is supposedly located somewhere near the Fort Simpson / Fort Liard area. The set is well maintained by two caretakers, Sharon and Truman who have kindly allowed me to visit and photograph the set. At the time these photos were taken, the crew had just finished shooting the North of 60 movie called 'Dream Storm'. As of June 2004, two other North of 60 movies has been filmed, titled 'Another Country' and 'Distant Drumming'. The latter movie has not yet aired on TV. The set is kept mothballed and boarded up during the time between shoots, and this is the state in which Lynx River appears in this photo album.

Last Updated: August 10, 2001
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